The vineyard

Situated next to the Loire, to the East of Bourges, the vineyards of Sancerre extend over 2800 hectares.
Our own vineyard covers 14 hectares, situated on the Bué slopes, one of the best sites in Sancerre.

2 types of soils compose the domain :

  • The "terres blanches" (white soils of limestone-clay), which makes full and powerful wines. These soils are mainly found on the steep slopes of the commune of Bué.
  • The "caillottes" (small pebbles), a very stony soil where limestone dominates, giving well balanced, very aromatic wines.

The vines are cared for under the minimum intervention method.
Half of the Domaine has a grass cover, particularly on the steeper slopes, as this helps limit erosion of the soil. We also plough the soils, de-compacting the top soils, which helps to develop micro-bacterial life.

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