The cellar

The Domaine benefits from having a modern and functional winery, including, amongst other things, the ability to work via gravity, and to allow our bottles to age slowly over time.

When vinifying, we pay special attention to our wines, in order to allow our two varieties (Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir) to express our terroirs.
This means we can offer a range that suits all tastes: fruity whites and roses, and structured reds.

The manual harvest allows us to do a first sorting in the vineyards, and thus gives us our raw material of the highest quality. One of the particularities of the Domaine is to have many small parcels of vines, each with their own characteristics. They are vinified according to their terroir and position, and we generally use only indigenous yeasts to respect their individuality, and thus make wines of great complexity.

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