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Numerous legends tell us that vineyards have always been present in Sancerre, since the most ancient of times.
In 582 Grégoire de Tours spoke of the existence of vineyards here in his writings.
In the 12th century the vineyards saw considerable development, thanks to the Augustin monks of St-Satur and the Counts of Sancerre.

At the time Sancerre produced a famous red wine, made mainly from Pinot Noir, exported down the Loire. Because of this, it was often mentioned in royal documents.
The Duke Jean de Berry thought it the best wine of the kingdom. In more recent times the vineyards experienced great upheaval.
At the end of the 19th century it was ravaged by the spread of phylloxera.

After, Sauvignon Blanc, which is particularly well adapted to the climate, began to develop. The terroir and the men who farmed it, produced a wine of whose quality was recognised by the award of AOC status in 1936.
In 1959 the reds and roses wines, made from the noble Pinot Noir, were, in their turn, also given AOC status.

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